Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Logging in

Why do companies that run websites and want customer interaction make it difficult to do so by compelling customers remember a user name and password?

The answer, of course, is that the login requirement comes from the registration requirement that allows the company to collect data about us, its customers and prospects. And while I'm sure many people, like me, use the same password for everything so we don't have to remember 100 different ones, more often than not, the user name I wish to use is already taken so I have to come up with some variation of it that will be "allowed" yet still easily recalled.

The point is that if I see something on a site that I want to make a quick comment about, I have to jump through hoops to make that comment. So the bottom line is: companies, and media, would rather have our information so they can design marketing messages to try to talk us into something we don't want or need -- marketing at us -- rather than learning what we think or want or feel, so that they can inform us about the products and services they have that will benefit us; that is, market to us.

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