Thursday, May 26, 2011

VistaPrint Falls Twice in Two Weeks

DEaling with an online printing company which I'm happy to acknowledge has been pretty good about customer service for the last couple of years, and from which I've received some very good quality products.... but two recent incidents are infuriating.

1) I have an email account for my author marketing group set-up with VistaPrint. A couple of weeks ago I suddenly couldn't send, only receive messages. I called customer service. After a few minutes the CSR (customer service representative) came back on the phone and said someone else had to talk to me because she couldn't find the problem. She promised he would call back in an hour when he arrived. No call back, so I had to call the next day. Someone else did figure out the problem -- that I had been reported for spamming, which was untrue (I pass along email messages about author and book marketing to group members). More importanmt is the fact that I was never notified -- they just cut of my email-sending ability.

2) And this has happened before: I emailed customer service about a problem (specifically, the tracking number they porovided me for a recent order was, according to UPS, invalid). The response? A link to the same invalid tracking number in the form of a form letter.

Perhaps I shouldn't be complaining since many of the VistaPrint products I've ordered over the last two years are free. I have, though, paid for many others, and in fact this order totaled more than $213 with S/H. But whether free or not, the promise is to deliver products (and services, in the case of the email account, which I am paying for) and provide the service to back them up.

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