Friday, March 26, 2010

Price Tags

While I don't expect thrift stores (secondhand stores, Salavation Army, Goodwill, etc.) to provide Nordstrom-like customer service, a little common sense certainly seems in order.

My biggest beef is employees' complete lack of thought when it comes to placing price tags on merchandise, especially because those tags are usually designed to prevcent price switching (understandable) and therefore require a nuclear weapon to remove.

By placement I mean putting one of these to-the-end-of-time permanent price tags on the most visible/delicate/easily marred/conspicuous part of the item; i.e., book covers, the front of a picture frame, the side of a ceramic vase, directly on the cover of a rare newspaper or magazine etc.

Even worse: stores that use grease pencil or permanent, bold black markers, the ink of which can only be removed from glass, reserved primarily for fine fabrics and non-glossy paper.

It almost seems as if they knowingly, even painstakingly, mar the merchandise with pricing to make us "pay" for getting such a good deal or punish us for having to shop at a thrift store instead of paying full retail.

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