Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Let Me Out!

Today's customer non-service scenario comes from my local thrift store, which has installed metal gates at the exit door to be sure shoppers cannot take their carts out of the store.

Just trying to keep their costs down by not losing carts and having to pay someone to schlep out to the parking lot to round up the wayward metal, right?

Maybe so, but it presents a challenge to anyone purchasing more than a small bag of items, which many people do, especially when they have a half-price weekend sale. People purchase several large bags of clothing and toys and there's no way to carry them all by hand, so you have to leave someone to stand guard over the ones you can't carry while you go gt your car.

If you're shopping alone, you have to leave your bags right inside the store and make more than one trip to the car, or right outside and hope someone doesn't drive up to the cub and make off with your purchases.

I've tried going out the in door, but there's no handle on the inside (they thought of everything!) to pull the door open. And for elderly shoppers, it's even more of a hardship.

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